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(????), (Chancellor of)the Exchequer, (compulsory)military service, (French)Foreign Legion, (GMT), (high) ranking officials, (in)public service, (see)which way the cat jumps (informal), (دچين)سورګارد،دسورګاردغړى red ink, (پر بهرني هيواد)دوسلودخرڅلاو بنديز،وسله وال بايكاټ, (په اروپايي تركيبونو كې)اروپا،اروپايي Eurafrican, (پو)انفرادي مورچل persona grat, (پو)پوشته(پشته)،پټم،سنګر construction o fan embarkmentپوشته جوړول embargo


.formal call


10 Downing Street


a, a barrage of propaganda, a biter, A company business must have capital., a couple of days ago, a fresh wave of riots, A judge has magisterial rank, a landmark court decision, A large vote was polled for president, a man of the people, a network of international traffickers, A person may have influence by his ability, personality, position, or wealth.يوڅوك ممكن دخپل لياقت،شخصيت،چوكۍ يا شتمنۍ په خاظردنفوذ خاوند وي, a person of good/high standing, a rule no longer in operation, a stitch in time, a torpedo-boat, abandon, abandon all hopes, abassador at large, abassador extraordinary, abassador plenipotentiary, abassador with plenary power, ABC weapons, abdicate, abdicate power, abduct, abduction, abet, abid by, abide, abide by /keep one’s promise, abide by one’s words, abide by regulations, abide by the rules, abiding popularity, abjure citizenship, abolish, abolitionist, abortive, abortive attack, abortive attempt, abortive coup, abortive coup(d’etat), abortive mission, abrogate, abrogation, Abrogation of a treaty, absence of right, absent without leave(AWOL), absentee, absentee ballot, absentee vote, absentee voter, absentee voting, absolute, absolute authority, absolute majority, absolute monarchy, absolute power, absolute privilege, absolutism, absolutist, absorb, abstain, abstain from voting, abstention, abstentionist, abstentionist policy, absurb calculations, absurd, abuse, abuse of human rights, abuse of power, abuse one’s power, abusive terms, abusive use of authority, academic exchange, academic freedom, acce, accede to/ascend/come to/mount/take the throne, accelerate the efforts, accentuate, accept with reservation, accession, accession to a treaty, accession to power, acclaim, acclamation, accommodation, accompanied by, accompany, accomplish a mission, accord, accordance, according to, according to rule, according to the testimony of, account, accountable, accredit, accreditation, accredited, accusation, accuse, accused, ace in the hole(informal), achieve, achieve one’s objectives, achille’s heel, acknowledge, acquit, acredited ambassador, act, act as counsel, Act counter to a person’s proposal, act for somebody, Act in unison, Act of war, acting, Acting Foreign Minister, acting foreign minister, acting minister, action, action group, action station, active resistance, activist, ad hoc committee, ad hoc meeting, ad hoc mission, ad interim report, ad valorem tax, adaptable schedule, add fuel to the fire, addicted, addiction, additional protocol, address, address the meeting, address the situation, addressing to, adevelop authority, adhere, adhere to an opinion, adhere to the schedule, adhesion caluse, adjourn, adjourn a meting, adjudicator, adjust differences, administer, administer an oath of appointed., administer justice, administrative court of justice, administrative tribunal, admiral, admiralty law, admit, admit responsibility for, adopt, adopt a motion, adopt a policy, adopt a reconciliatory attitude, adopt a resolution, adopt measures, adoption of a policy, adoption of new rules, advantageous position, adventurism, adversary, adverse, adverse circumstances, adverse criticism, adverse impact, adverting to letter dated…, advisor, advisory opinion, advocate, aerial warfare, affairs, affidavit, Affirmative action, affirmative vote, affliction, affluent society, Afghan cultural association, Afghan nationals, Afghan Red Crescent Society, After a long debate the House divided., aftermath of war, against rules, Age-old conflicts, age-old relations, agency, agenda, agent, agent provocateur, aggravate, aggravate the crisis, aggravate the situation


baby kiser, back, back away(or down, back fire, back tax, back the wrong horse, back up, back water, back-seat driver, backbench, backbencher, backdoor dealings, backdoor financing, backdown, backer, background, background conference, backgrounder, backlash, backpedal, backroom, backroom dealings, backroom politics, backscratcher, backstabbing, backstage, backstage negotiations, backstage power, backstairs influence, backup troops, backward policy, backward politician, bad record, baffling regulations, bail, bail bond, bail out, baking, balance, balance of payment, balance of terror, balance the budget, ballot, ballot box, ballot vote, ballot-rigging, balloting, ballyhoo, Bamboo Curtain, ban, ban all gatherings, banana kingdom, banana republic, bandit, bandwagon, banish, banishment, bankrupt, bankruptcy, banner, banquet, bar, Bar Association, barbed wire, bargining, bargining chip, bargining counter, bargining table, baron, barons of industry, barrack, barrage, Barrage of complaints, barrage of criticism, barrage of questions, barricade, barrier, barter, base, baseless, baseless/groundless/unfounded rumors, basic issue of principle, basic principles, basis of tax, battalion, batter, battle, battle array, battle cry, battle of nerves/wits, battle site, battlefield, battlefront, battleground, bayonet, be at liberties, be at swords’ points, be given/receive the freedom of a city, be in a tight corner, Be in charge(of), be in custody, be in dire need of, be in on something, be in pressing need of, be in the chair, be in the market for, be in the right, be involved in, be on good/bad terms with, be on somebody’s side, be on the scene, be on the watch, be one’s own man, be out of proportion, be partial, be pleased with, be pushed for…, be sentenced to, be suited to…, be tied up, be under an obligation, bear arms, bear record to, bear responsibility, bear testimony, bear witness himself, bear/ carry off the palm, bear/take the blame for something, beat, beat a retreat, beat off, beat the drum, beat the record, beat to one’s knees, beat to the punch(or gun), beat(or)flog a dead horse, beat/break the record, beef up, beef up one’s posture, begger-my-neighbour policy, behind bars, behind closed door, behind schedule, behind the lines, behind the scenes, behind-the-scene meetings, behind-the-scene politicians, behind-the-scene talks, behind-the-sene contest, being to terms, bellicose, bellicose policy, belligerency, belligerent, belligerent parties, belligerent powers, belligerent reprisal, belligerent retortion, belligerent speech, belligersncy, bench, bencher, benelux, besiege, betray, betray an oath, better-off members of society, between wind and water, beyond my power, beyond the question, Bg Five,the, bias, biased, biased opinion, bicameral, bicameral parliament, bicentennial/bicentenary, bid, big, big battalion, Big Brother, big Brotherism, big lie, big shot(slong), big stick, big stick policy, big talk(informal), big words, bigot, bigotry, bilateral agreement, bilateral cooperations, bilateral relations, bilateral treaty, bill, bill of indictment, binding agreement, binding force, binding treaty, biological/germ warfare


cabal, cabinet, cabinet council, cabinet hopeful, cabinet level government delegation, cabinet meeting, cabinet member, cabinet minister, cabinet reshuffle, cabinet shake-up, cabinet shuffle, cabineteer, cable, cadre of leadership, caesar, caesarism, caesarist, calamity, calendar, calendar Wednesday, caliber, call, call a meeting, call a strike, call for, call for cuts, call for economic sanction, Call for the strengthening of relation, call home, call in questionx, call off, call on, call out, call the roll, call the tune, call to account, call to arms, call to order, call to witness, calling, calm before the storm, camera, camouflage, camp, campaign, campaign for a candidate, campaign fund, campaign of publicity, campdown, Can you document your theory with facts?, cancel, cancellation, candid decision, candidacy, candidate, candidature, cannon, cannonism, canon law, cantonal election, canvass, canvass proposals, cap, cap the oil well, capacity, capital, Capital and Labor, capital crime, capital levy, capital punishment, capital will benefit from this discovery., capitalism, capitalist, capitalistic, capitalize, capitation, capitol,the, capitulate, capitulation, capsize, captive, captive nations, captivity, captors, capture, card, card-carrying members, cardinal rule, career diplomat, career service, cargo ship, carnage, carrot, carrot and stick, carrot and stick policy, carry, carry a bill, carry a motion, carry a resolution, carry a torch, carry on war, carry out, carry out an order to the letter, carry the day, carry the war into the enemy’s camp, carry the world before one, carte blanche, cartel, cartridge, casesaropapism, cast ballot, cast vote, cast/lay/shift/put the blame on somebody, caste, caste system, castigate, casting vote, castles in the air, casualties are mounting, casualty, casualty figure, casualty toll, casus belli, cataclysm, catagorical, catagorize, catastrophe, catch an opportunity, catch at a proposal, catch fire, catch-all parties, catchword, caucus, cause, cause and effect link, cause celebre, cause of peace, cause offense, cautious optimism, cease, cease fire, cease-fire, cede, ceiling price, celebrate, celebrate mass, celebration, celebrity, Celestial Empire, cell, censor, censor the news, censorship, censure, censure motion, census, census taker, centenary, centennial, center, centeral committee, central committee, centralism, centralization, centralization of authority, centralized, centrism, centrist, centrist position, ceremonial, Ceremonial function, ceremonial post, ceremonious, ceremonious welcome, ceremony, certain, certain to happen, certificate of election, cessation, cessation of arms, cession, cessionist, chain of command, chains, chair, chair a meeting, chairmanship, chairperson, chairwoman, challenge, challenge a vote, challenge a voter, chamber, Chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce, chamber of commerce, chamber of Deputies, chamber of deputies, Chamberlain, champion


D Notices, D-day, daily, damage, damage somebody’s image, dance to one’s tune, dark horse, dark horse candidate, dawk, daylight saving time, de facto, de facto cease-fire, de facto recognition, de isolate, de jure, de jure membership, de jure recognition, de jure sovereignty, de-escalate, de-escalation, de-escalation of tensión, de-escalation of war, de-facto government(or rule), deactivate, dead file, dead issue, dead letter, dead march, dead market, dead records, dead rule, dead-end a proposal, dead-end conference, deadline, deadlock, deadly weapon, deal, deal a blow, dean, dean of the diplomatic corps, death, death camps, death march, death penalty, death sentence, death squad, death to, death toll, death warrant, debacle, debar from office, debar somebody from voting, debate, debate topic, debrief, decade, decapitate, decay, deceit, decennial, decentralization, decentralize, decentralized system, decide, decipher codes, decision, decision of not guilty, decision-making, decision-making process, decisional law, decisive, decisive action, decisive battle, decisive role, decisive victory, declaration, Declaration of independence, declaration of intention, declaration of war, declare, declare martial law, declare of war (on), declare the poll, declare war, declassify, decline, decline comment, decline comments, decline in prices, decline responsibility for, decline/fall in production, declining power, declining trend, decode, decode a plot, decolonization, decolonize, decomposition, decontaminate a document, decontamination, decontrol, decorate, decrease, decrease in population, decree, decree-law, dedicate, defalcate, defalcation, defamation, defamation of character, defamatory statements, defame, default, defeat, defeat a motion, defect, defection, defector, defence budget, defend, defendant, defender, defense, defense correspondent, Defense Department, Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense Minister, defense position, defense spending, defensive, defensive alliance, defensive league, defensive pact, defensive position, defensive war, defensive weapons, defiance, deficit, deficit financing, Deficit spending, deflate, deflate currency, deflationary, deflationary forces, deflationary measures, defray, defuse, defuse a bomb, defuse tension, defy a law, defy an order, degradation, degrade, degrading, delate, delation, delegacy, delegate, delegate authority, delegate power, delegation, delegation of power, deliberate, deliberate murder, deliberation, deliberative, deliberative assembly, delimitation, delinquency, delinquent taxes, deliver one’s pledge, delude, delve, demagogic, Demagogic leaders stirred up the people, demagogue, demagoguery, demagoguism, demagogy, demand one’s right, demarcation line, demarcation of authority, demarche, demilitarize, demilitarized zone, demise, Demise of the crown, demo, Demo-Christian, demobilization, demobilize, democracy, democrat, democratic, democratic government, Democratic Party, democratic party, democratically, democratization


early returns, ease the situation, ease the tension, East Afican Economic Community, eat one’s word, economic and social council, economic attaché, economic blockade, economic climate, Economic Commission for Europe, Economic cooperation, economic crisis, economic depression, economic recession, economic sanction, economic stability, economic war, economy measure, economyانډول اقتصاد،متوازِن اقتصاد export-driven economyپر صادِراتو ولاړ (مُتكي)اقتصاد, editorial staff, educative policy, EEC (European Economic Community), egalitarian society, Egalitarianism, egghead(informal), ehnic calshes, elaborate, elaborate plans, elaborate surveillance, elastic, elder statesman, elect, elected, elected government, elected member, elected representatives of the people, elected senator, election, election board, election campaign, election campaigns, election card, election commission, election contest, election corruption, election district, election expenses, election for mayor, election fraud, election moniteeiring, election precincts, election propaganda, election returns, election supervisory council, electioneer, electioneering, elective, elective assembly/body, elective office, elective officer, elective office…, elective position, elector, electoral, electoral college, electoral debacle, electoral law, electoral race, electoral register, electoral tactics, electoral vote, electoral wars, electorate, electorial=electoral, elegance, element, elementary meeting, elements of pressure, elevate, elevate/hoist/ raise the flag, eligibility, eligible, eliminate, eliminate a candidate, elite, elitism, elitist, eloquence, eloquent speaker, eloquent testimony, elusive speech, emancipate, emancipated slaves, emancipated women, emancipation, Emancipation Proclamation, Emancipation proclamation, emancipation proclamationد تورپوستو د آزادۍ اعلاميه emancipator, embark a project, embarrass, embarrassing situation, embassador=ambassador, embassy, embassy compound, embassy officials, embezzle, embezzlement, emblem, embody, embrace an offer, embrace an opportunity, embroil in a quarrel, emerge, emergency, emergency measures, emergency package, emergency powers, emergency relief, emergency rules, eminent domains, emperor, emphasize, empire, empire builder, empire building, employ, employee, employer, employment, empower, empress, empty-handed people, emulate, en route, enact, enactment, encircle a city, enclave, encode a message, encounter, encroach, encroachment, end, endanger, endanger the interests of a state, endeavour, ended result of negotiation, endorse, endorsed bill, endorsement, endure, enduring peace, enemy, enemy’s concentration points, enforce, enforce discipline, enforce laws strictly, enforce martial law, enforce obedience, enforce the law, enforceable, enforcement, enforcement of judgment, enfranchise, enfranchisement, engage, engage in a battle, engagement, engineering operations, engrave in the bad conditionپ, engrossed bill, enhance, enhance bilateral relations, enjoy, enjoy civil rights, enlarge, enlist, enlist a recruit, enlist in the armyپ, enormous, enrolled bill, ensign, enslave, entangle, entente( än-'tänt), enter into negotiations, enter into(or)conclude an agreement, enterprise, enthusiasm, entitle, entitled to, entourage, entrance/entry visa, entrap, entrenched power, entrust, enttrenched clause, enumerte, environmentalist, envisage


Fabian, Fabianism, fabricate, fabricate a document, Fabricated account, fabricated report, Fabricated(or false) accusation, fabricated/forged documents, face-saving solution, face-to-face talk, facilities, Fact-finding commission, fact-finding delegation, fact-finding mission, faction, Faction almost broke the party., factional, factionalism, factor, faggot vote, fail, failed attempt, failure, fair trial, fair-minded judge, faith, Faithful account, fake signature, Falange, fall, fall apart, fall back, fall behindx, fall flat, fall flat on one’s face, fall from favor, fall from grace, fall from power, fall in population, fall into a decline, fall into debt, fall into decay, fall into line(with), fall into somebody’s power, fall into step(with), fall on deaf ears, fall victim to…, Fallen dynastyختمه(منقرض)شوې لړۍ (دپاچهانو) Ee, fallout, fallout shelter, False and tendencious account, false arrest, false identity, false statements, false witnessدروغي شاهدي, falsify, fame, family court, family ties, famine, famish with hunger, fanatic, fanatical beliefs, fanaticism, far-fetched, far-ranging debate, far-reaching consequences, far-sighted policy, farce, farewell, fascism, fascist, fascistic, fast-breaking political crisis, fat cat(slang), fatality, fate, fateful battle, fateful decision, fault, faulty political arithmetic, favor, favorable opinion, favorable reaction, favorite son, favoritism, FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation), fctional clashes, fear, feasible, feast, feast of sacrifices, feature, federal, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Constitution, federal Reserve System, federal revenues, federalism, federalist, federalize, federate, federation, Federation of Arab Emirates, Federation of students, feeler, fellow citizen, fellow countrymen, fellow traveler, feminism, feminist, fence, fence-mending, fence-sitting nations, ferret satellite, fervid/fiery/incendiary/impassioned speech, feudal, feudalism, Feudalist, feudalistic, feudality, Ff, fiasco, fiat, fib, field, field a question, field glass, field of battle, field of politics, fierce, Fifth column, fifth column, Fifth Republic, fight, fight a war, fight against, fight back, fight one’s way(forward), fight to a finish, fight tooth and nail, fight with, fight with…, fight(it)out, fighter, figure, figurehead, file, file a claim, File a complaints, file a petition, file report, filibuster, fill a post, fill the office of…, final, final protocol, final settlement of disputes, final triumph, finalize, finance, financial, financial affairs, financial backing, financial stability, financial support, financial tycoon, financial year, financing, find fault, find favor with somebody, find out/see how the wind blows, find/seek/take shelter, finishing blow, fire, fire a missile, fire a salute of ten guns, fire questions at someone, fireballing politician, fireside chat, firing squad, firm opposition, firm resolution, firm support, first estate, first Lord of the Treasury, first phase of agreement, first reading of a bill, first round of talks, First Secretary, first step policy, first strike capability, first world, First World War; world War I, first-handed information, first-past-the post, firsthand news, firsthand report, fiscal


gag law, gag the press, gag/closed role, gain a victory over the enemy, gain currency, gain the battle, galloping inflation, garble the news, Garbled account, garbled report, garrison state, gas warfare, gass attack, gather information, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade(GATT), general assembly, general council, general disarmament, general election, general meeting, general mobilization, general opinion, general outline of a scheme, general public, general rule, general will, general/mass strike, Geneva accord, gentleman’s agreement, German Chancellor, get a bad press, get a good press, get a slap in the face, get into hot water, get into position, get off a speech, get something out the way, get the boot, get the sack, get wind of, get-tough policy, gild-edged shares, give a green light, give a hostile reception, give air to, give air to his opinions., give an undertaking, give away the play, give battle to, give clemency, give currency, give in/send in/hand in/submit/tender one’s resignation, give mandate, give offense, give one’s word, give refuge to, give rise to, give security for, give somebody a rise, give somebody a warm welcome, give somebody the push, give someone power, give support, give the boot, give tit for tat, give up one’s claim, give way, give wide publicity, give/offer sanctuary, give/pay lip service to, glad/good tidings, glowing report, glut the market, go into bankruptcy, go into liquidation, go into offensive, go into politics, go into retirement, go into secret session, go on a rampage, go on a strike, go on record, go on trial, go on/take the stump, go out of the way, go through fire and water, go to a bad market, go to law, Go to the country, go to the polls, go to the wall, go to town, go to war, go to/make war, go unchallenged, go underground, go(or stand) bail for someone, God Save the Queen, god-well ambassador, gold standard, golden opportunity, good neighbor policy, good neighbouring policy, good offices, good point, good report, good will, governing body, Government of the United States:, government official, government/treasury bonds, governmental immunity, governmental powers, graduated personal-income tax, Grain Organization, grant asylum, grass-roots popularity, grave consequences, grave decision, grave scandal, grave situation, grave/heartbreaking news, gravity of the situation, grease/ oil the palm of, greedy power, Green Paper, green power, green revolution, Green Socialism, grievance committee, gross income, gross national product (GNP), ground arms, ground rule, ground-to-ground missile, groundbreaking ceremonies, groundbreaking move, groundless report, groundless statement, guarded optimism, gubernational candidate, gubernatorial primary, guerrilla operations, guerrilla/irregular warfare, guided missile, guild socialism, Gulf War, gun down a motion, gunboat diplomacy, gutter journalism, gutter/yellow press


hall of مشاهير،نوماندې،دنامتوشخصيتونوموزيم ياهديره win fameشهرت ترلاسه كول, hammer out a scheme, hammer out an agreement, hand-to hand combat, hand-to-hand fight, hang on somebody’s words, hanging judge, hanging offense, Hansard reporters, hard and fast rules, hard labor, hard line, hard liner, hard time, hard-bitten revolutionary, harsh notice, harsh policy, harsh/smart punishment, hatch a plot, hatch a scheme, hatchet job, Haul down one’s colo(u)rs., have / take precedence over, have a corner, have a division opinion, have a narrow escape, have a record, have an itching palm, Have cards up one’s sleeve., have control over something, have mass support, have political axes to grind, have someone in one’s power, have the enemy on the run, have the last word, have the vote, have-not nations, hawks and doves, hazardous/hot situation, He consolidated his position., He defeated his opponent in the election., He is quoted as saying…, He is unqualified to be Chairman, He nabbed the opportunity, He undertook to finish the job., He was co-opted into the committee., He was given twenty lashes., head of protocol, head office, head the poll, headline news, health relations, heartbreaking news, heated debate, heave/breathe a sigh of relief, heavy pool, helicopter pad, Her Majesty, her presentationx, herculean task, hereditary monarchy, heretic opinion, heroic operations, hideous tortures, High Commissioner, High Court, high office, high problems, high ranking officials, high seas, high society, high spirit, high treason, high-level conference, high-level delegation, high-level talks, high-ranking diplomat, high-ranking officers, higher judiciary council, higher orders, hike in prices, his Excellency, His Imperial Majesty, His Kingship, His Majesty, His retirement has caused a vacancy in our office. دهغه له تقاعدكېدوسره زموږ په دفتر كې يوه چوكۍ(پوسټ)تشه شوه, His Royal Highness, His/Her Majesty’s Opposition, hit-and-run attack, hold a brief for, hold a celebration, hold a demonstration, hold a jubilee over a victory, hold a meeting, hold a question in abeyance, hold a rally, hold a session, Hold all the cards, hold an office, hold back information, hold captive, hold in respectx, hold in restraint, hold march, hold out olive branch, Hold out(or affer) a carrot to somebody, hold somebody responsible, hold talks, hold the floor, hold the power of the purse, hold the purse strings(informal), hold the reins, hold the ring, hold the scales even, hold under detention, holders of power, holy war, home front, home products, home rule, home trade, homogeneous population, honor of war, honorary member, hoot a speaker off, horse trade (INFORMAL), hospitable reception, hot argument, hot line, hot news, hot seat, hot/shooting war, House Appropriations Committee, House Armed Services Committee, house arrest, House Budget Committee, House Foreign affairs Committee, house of detention, House of Lords, Housing Bureau, how the land lies, human and material losses, human rights, Human rights defenders, human rights violation, humane treatment of prisoners, humiliating terms, hunger strike, hush-hush meeting(informal), hush-hush projectx


I must find someone to act as deputy for me during my absence., idealism, idealist, idealistic, identification, Identification card, identification card, identify, identity, Identity card, ideological, ideological split, ideological warfare, ideology, idle report, ignite, ignite violence, ignite war, ignominious defeat, ignore the regulations, ill timed, ill-fated, ill-timed revelation, illegitimate rights, illicit, illuminate, illuminating shell, illusive, image, imbalance, IMF(International Monetary Fund), immediate withdrawal of Russian forces, immigrant, immigrate, immigration, imminent, imminent attack, imminent victory, immobilisme, immobilize, immoral, immune, immunity, immunity from military service, immunity of jurisdiction, impact, impair, impartial, impartial body, impartial judgment, impartial observers, impartial position, impartiality, impasse, impatience, impeach, impeachable loyalty, impeachable sources, impeachment, impede, impending, impending invasion, impending recession, impenetrable, imperfect, imperial, imperial system, imperialism, imperialist, imperialistic, imperil, impermanent, impinge the law, implacable enemy, implausible excuse, implement, implement a policy, implicit, implicit remarks, implore, imply, impolitic, import, imports and exports, impose, impose a curfew, impose a quota, impose a tax, impose limits on imports, impose martial law, imposed war, imposition, imposition of law., imposition of taxes, imposition of the state of emergency, impound, impoverished nations, impractical, Impregnable defense line, impress, impress signature, imprison, imprisonment with hard labo(u)r, Impromptu conference, improve relations, improvise, imprudence, impugn, impugn one’s statements, impulsive, impure, impute, in, in a bid to, in a bid to reduce tension, in a body, In a federation, In accord, in accordance with the regulations, In an attempt to, in an ever-increasing scale, in camera, In case of emergency, in cold blood, In collaboration with, In commemoration of …, in conclusion, in connection with, in deep water (s), in default of, In default of payment, in defiance of, In dispute, in every walk of life, in favor of, in good time, in league with, in letter and in spirit, in lieu of, in line(with), in name, in no time, in office, in order, in order of precedence, in position, in power, in principle, in process, in protest at, in public, in quest of power, in reference to, in respect of, in respect to, in retaliation for, in security, in service training, in session, in speech of ceremony, in step with, in succession to, in support of, in testimony of, in the capacity of, in the cards, in the driver’s seat, in the forefront of the news, in the last resort, in the light of, in the light of present circumstances, in the line of duty, in the long run, in the making, in the mass, in the name of the law, in the nick of time, in the open, in the palm of one’s hand, in the pay of, in the plight of, in the public eye, in the public view, in the ranks of, in the reign of, in the ring, in the running, in the same league as, in the sight of the public, in the toils of the law, in the wings, in this conection, in this interim, in triumph, in tune with, in view, in view of the fact that, in violation of, in(or for) the cause of, inaction


jack up wage rate, jackboot, jail, jam, jamming, Jane Crow(slang), jeopardize, jet fighter, jetty, Jew, Jewish, Jewry, Jim Crow, Jim-Crowism, jingo, jingoist, job, job in election, jobber, jobholder, jobs for the boys, john Q public/Citizen, join, join forces, join forces(with), join hands, join issue with somebody, join the colors, join the non-aligned movement, join up, join up(with), joint, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Chiefs of Staffs, joint commission, Joint committee, Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Joint communiqué, joint declaration, joint operations, joint ownership, joint resolution, joint session, Joint Session of Congress, Joint Staff Command, Joint Staff Command of the Army, Joint Staff Commandcommuniqué, joint statement, joint stock company, joint venture, journal, journalese, journalism, journalist, Judaism, judge, judge advocate, judge advocate general, judge-made laws, judgment, Judgment by default, judgment by default, judicial, judicial branch, judicial decisions, judicial equality of states, judicial oath, judicial officials, judicial power, judicial review, judicial veto, judiciary, judiciary commission, judiciary committee, judiciary immunity, jump to the conclusion, jump/climb on the bandwagon, juncture, junior, Junior congressman, junior officer, junket, junta, Junta dictatorship, jurisdiction, jurisprudence, jurisprudent, jurist, juror, jury, jury finds the defendant guilty., Jus civil, jus sanguinis, jus soli, just, just and durable peace, just claim, just claim], just released hostage, just war, justice, Justice Department or Department of Justice, Justice Ministry, justice of claim, Justice of the Peace, justifiable move, justification, justify, juvenile court, Juvenile delinquency


kakistocracy, kangaroo court, kangaroo justice, kangaroo trial, keep, keep a tight rein on, keep close watch on something., keep down, keep facts from, keep faith with, keep in line, keep in touch with, keep on the right side of the law, keep one’s head above, keep one’s reputation free from slurs, keep orders, keep peace with, keep point, Keep prices within bound., keep the flag flying(for…), keep the law, keep the peace, keep track of, keep under control, keep under observation, keep under one’s thumb, keep under surveillance, keep up one’s morale, keep up one’s spirit, keep/maintain,/adopt a low profile, key area, key committee members, key issue, key man, key question, key to success, keyed-up crowd, keynote speaker, keynote speech, keynoter, kick against the rule, kick downstairs(informal), kick out(informal), kick up a row, kick upstairs(informal, kick(informal), kickback(slang), kickoff speech, kidnap, kill, kill the goose that lays the golden egg, kill two birds with one stone., kind, king, kingdom, kingmaker/king making, kings of the kings, kingship, King’s Counsel, king’s speech, King’s/Queen’s regulations, kitchen cabinet, Knesset, knifing, knock the spirit out of, knotty problem, know the time of the day, knowhow, knowledgeable sources, knuckle under, Kremlin, Kremlin logy, Kremlinologist, Ku Klux Klan Ll


lable, labor camp, labor classs, Labor Day, labor force, labor market, labor movements, labor of love, Labor party, labor policy, labor shortage, labor theory of value, labor union, labored speech, laborist, laborite, laborrism, Labour Leader, Labour leader, Labour Party, labour/labor, labyrinth of laws, lack of confidence, lackey, laicism, laissez-faire economic, laissez-passer, laissez/laisser faire, lam, lame duck, lame duck bill, lame duck law, lame duck president, lame excuse, land, land army, land force, land office, land power, land reforms, land taxes, land-based missile, landbound army, landing field, landlocked state, landmark, Landmark agreement, landslide, landslide inflation, landslide loss, landslide majority, landslide victory, lapse of time, larceny, lash, lash out(at), last card, last legs, last stand, lasting, late leader, later today, latest news, latitude, latitudinarian, laud, launch, launch a debate, launch a missile, launch a movement, launch a probe, launch an attack, launch into politics, launch out(into) a debate, launch threat, launching, launching pad, launching site, law, law age, law agent, law and order., law court, law day, law enforcement officer, Law Lord, law maker, law merchant, law of civil procedure, law of election, law of nations, law of presidential succession, law of the jungle, law of the land, law of the sea, law reports, law-abiding, lawbreaker, lawbreaking, lawful, lawful citizens, lawgiver/lawmaker, lawmaking, laws operative in a community, lawsuit, lawyer, lax, laxity, lay, lay a bill on the tablr, lay a blockede, lay a condition, lay a heavy burden on somebody, lay a motion/bill on the table, lay a proposal before the House, lay a siege to, lay a tax on…, lay a trap, lay an ambush, lay bare a plot, lay cards on the table, lay claim to …, lay down, lay down arms, lay down law, lay down office, lay down one’s life, lay mine, lay off, lay one’s hopes on, lay open, lay open to criticism, lay somebody under an obligation, lay somebody under tribute, lay the foundation, lay/ the door open for…, layman, layoff, layout, lead, lead the way, lead to, lead up to, leader, Leader of the (House of) Commons, Leader of the House, Leader of the Opposition, leadership, leading, Leading article, Leading industrial countries, leading officials, leading opposition party, leading role, leaflet, league, League of Nations, leak, leakage, leakage of information, learn from, leave, leave no stone unturned, leave of absence, leave one’s options open, leave over, leave with pay, lecture, left, left hand party, left wing, left-center, left-leaning parties, left-of-center, left-of-center regime, left-wing, left-winger, left-wingerism, leftist, leftist rebels, legacy, legal, legal advice, legal age, legal aid, legal aid society, legal authorities, Legal Department, legal disputes, legal force, legal formalities, legal fraud, legal impediment, legal medicine, legal obstacle, legal parlance, legal person, legal precedent, legal procedure, legal proceedings


Machiavellian, Machiavellian school of politics, Machiavellianism/Machiavellism, machinate, machination, machinator, machine, machine gun, machine politician, machinery, macroeconomicsلوى اقتصاد،پراخ اقتصاد maculate, Madame Chairman, magisterial district, magisterial power, magisterial precinct, magistracy, magistrate, Magna Carta/Charta, magnificent, maiden speech, main office, mainstreeting, maintain, maintain law and order, maintain one’s position, maintain one’s reputation, maintain order, maintain tight security measures, maintenance, maintenance of cultural bonds, maintenance of friendly relations, maintenance of peace, majesty, majesty of law, major, major conflicts, major policy decisions, majoritarian, majority, Majority Leader, majority party, majority report, majority rule, majority system, majority vote, majority/minority whip, make, make a clean sweep, make a concession, make a corner in, make a dent in, make a killing, make a move, make a noise in the world, make a protest, make a remark, make a scene, make a treaty, make a trial, make an issue, make an opportunity, make capital(out)of, make common cause with, make good one’s escape, make good the damage, make great play with, make inquiry about something, make inquiry into something., make mockery of, make one’s bow, make one’s peace(with), make one’s way in the, make one’s way in the world, make or break, make overtures, make peace(with), make pledge, make provisions, make public, make public one’s demand, make reference to, make terms with somebody, make the hay while the sun shines, make the supreme sacrifice, make up, make up for the shortage, make will, make-shift job, make/present/put forward/submit a proposal, maladminister, maladministration, maladoption, malady, malapportionment, male chauvinist, malfeasance, malfeasant, malicious, malicious prosecution, malicious rumors, malignant forces, malpractice, mammoth project, man, man of mark, man of the world, man of war, manage, manage news, manage the affairs, manage the election, manage the elections, management, manager, managerial, managerial duties, managerial staff, Managing committee, managing director, mandate, mandate system, mandated territories, mandatory, mandatory cease-fire, mandatory conservation, mandatory meeting, mandatory powers, mandatory statement, maneuver, manifestation, manifestation of power, manifesto, manipulate, manipulate public opinion, manipulation, mankind, manned satellite, manner, manorial system, manpower, manpower shortage, manslaughter, manufacture, Maoism, mar, march, march of events, march of time, march past, march-past, march/pass in review, marchers, margin, marginal, Marginal constituency, marginal territories, marine, marine law, Marines or Marine Corps, marionette, marital law, maritime, maritime law, maritime provinces, maritime target, maritime/sea power, mark, mark the anniversary of, mark time, mark-up bill, market, market letter, market price, market/value price, marketable, marketer, marketing, marketplace, marketwise, marshal, marshal military force, Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Marshal Plan, marshalcy, martial, martial conquests, martial law, martial nation, martial rule, martial spirit, martyr, martyrdom, martyrs cemetery, marvelous, Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, mask, mass, mass arrest, mass communication


nab, Nail one’s colo(u)rs to the mast., naked aggression, naked partiality, naked violation of, name, name a Member(of Parliament), name calling, namely, naming names, Napoleonism, narcotic drugs, narrow, narrow majority, narrow/provincial point of view, nation, nation state, nation wide demonstrations, nation-state, nation-wide strike, national, national alliance, national anthem, national consultative assembly, national dignity, national election, national emblem, national guard, national income, national interests, National Liberation Front of Afghanistan, national mourning, national reconciliation plan, national security advisor, National Security Council(NCS), national service, National Socialist Party, national solidarity, national sovereignty, national unity, nationalism, nationalist, nationalist movements, nationalistic, nationality, nationality law, nationalization, nationalize, nationalized Greeks in the US, nationalized industries, nationally, nationhood, nationwide, nationwide broadcast, nationwide election, nationwide strike, native land, native population, native right, natural gas, natural resources, natural-born citizen, naturalization, naturalize, naturalized aliens, naturalized American, naturalized immigrants, naught, naval force, naval power, navel battle, navigable, navigate, navy, nay, naysay, Nazi, Nazism, neanderthal, Neanderthal wing of the party, necessity, Necessity knows no law., need, nefarious scheme, negative, negative aspect of the issue, negative/no vote, neglect, neglect of duty, negotiable, negotiable securities, negotiable terms, negotiate, negotiate a contract, negotiate from strength, negotiated settlement, negotiation, negotiation broke down, negotiations have broken down., negotiator, neighbor (ing) states, neighbor(u)r, neighboring countries, neo-Nazism, neocolonial, neocolonial powers, neocolonialism, neocorporatism, neodemocratic, neofascism, neofascist, neoimperialism, nepotism, net national product, net weight, network, neutral, neutral nations, neutral observers, neutral territory, neutral zone, neutralism, neutralist, neutrality, neutralization, neutralize, neutralize an attack, new Commonwealth, news, news agency, news anchor, news bill, news blackout, news briefing, news broadcast, news bulletin, news clip, news commentator, News conference, news conference, news coverage, news hawk(informal), news item, news leaked/slipped out, news letter, news line, news media, news ran like wildfire, news reel, news release, news service, news slipped out, news- papering, newscast, newscaster, newshound(informal), newsletter, newsmaker, newsman, newsmonger, newspaper, newspaper headlines, newspaper reporters, newspaper story, newsreader, newsreel, nighttime curfew, nihilist, nip in the bud, Nn, no, no man’s land, No.11 Downing Street, nobble, noise, noise rumors abroad, nomenclatura, nominal, nominal ruler of the country, nominal value, nominate, nominate somebody(for), nominate somebody(to), nominated, nominated member, nomination, nominee, nomocracy, non grata, Non nuclear defense, non-aggression treaty, Non-Aligned Conference, non-aligned movement, non-committal answer, non-communal system, non-descript, non-military targets, non-Moslem, non-partisan primary, non-proferation treaty


oath, oath of allegiance, oath of fidelity, oath of office, obedience, obedience to the law, obey, obey the regulations, object, object to a policy, objection, objective, obligate, obligation, obligation of conscience, obligatory military service, oblige, oblique attack, obscenity, obscure, observable, observation, observation flight, observation post, observe, observe religious rites, observe the regulations, observer, obstacle, obstinate/stiff resistance, obstruct, obstruct justice, obstruct peace, obstruct the peace process, obstruction, obstruction of legislation, obstructionist, obstructionist/obstructive, obstructionistic policy, obstructionistic tactics, obtain, obtain information, occasion, Occident, occupation, occupation force, occupation forces, occupied, occupied territories, occupy, occupying, occupying regime, occur, occurrence, ochlocracy, odd or even, odious, of long standing, of record, off, off and on, off base, off camera, Off duty, off the (beaten) track, off the record, off-duty, off-hand remarks, off-the-record, off-the-record meeting, off-the-record opinion, off-year, offence, offend, offend against good manners, offend the law, offender, offenders against this article, offense, offense against good manner, offense against law, offense to morality, offensive, offensive army, offensive behavior, offensive language, offensive league, offensive position, offensive remark, offensive war, offensive weapons, offer, offer an excuse, office, office of the Crown, officer, officers of high rank, official, official authority, Official communiqué, official correspondence, official documents, official misconduct, official newspaper, official nominee, official oath, official report, official statement, official visit, officialdom, officialese, officialism, officiate, officious, oil, oil baron, oil embargo, oil facilities, oil field, oil glut, oil revenue, oil supplies, oil tycoon, old Commonwealth, old-age pension, oligarch, oligarchic(societies), oligarchy, olive branch, ollaborate, ombudsman, omit, on a large/massive scale, on active service, on camera, on charge of, On duty, on occasions of state, on one’s toe, on paper, on principle, on record, on schedule, on that score, on the alert, on the bench, on the brink of war, on the cards, on the decline, on the defensive, on the eve of the election, on the fence, on the job training, on the line, on the occasion of, on the point of, on the recommendation of, on the right/wrong tack, on the rolls of fame, on the strength of, on the strength of your recommendation, on the subject of, on the track, on the track of, on the understanding that, on the verge of, on the verge of bankruptcy, on the verge of collapse, on the … front, on this occasion, on top of the world, on trial, on-going crisis, on-sight inspection, on-site investigation, on-the-record, On-the-record commitment, on-the-record meeting, on-the-record opinion, on-the-record statements, on-the-spot news coverage, on/in the wane, Oncoming conference, one minute speech, one world, one-man one-vote, one-man rule, one-party state, One-sided account, one-sided argument, one-sided decision, one-sided judgment, one-sided obligation, ongoing battle, Ongoing conference, ongoing economic expansion, ongoing violence, open, open a meeting, open aggression


pacific, pacific blockade, pacific ocean, pacific policy, pacific settlement of disputes, pacificate, pacification, pacifism, pacifist, pacify, package, package deal, pact, Pact of the League of Nations, pad, paganish, paganize, pain, pair, palace, palace coup, palace revolution, palatable, pale policy, palm, palm-greasing, pan(informal)x, pan-, pan-Americanism, pan-Europeanism, pan-Islamism, panel, panel of judges, panorama, papacy, papal, paper, Paper agreement, paper curtain, paper over, Paper over difference, paper tiger, paper warfare, Papered-over differences, parachute, parade, paradoxical, paradoxical statement, paralyze, paramilitary, paramilitary troops, paraph, paraphrase, pardon, parish, parish pump, parish-pump politics, parley, parliament, parliament deputy, Parliament Hill, Parliament is considering a Bill to deregulate the airlines, parliamentarian, parliamentarianism, parliamentary, Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, Parliamentary Committee, parliamentary debates, parliamentary discussion, parliamentary elections, parliamentary law, parliamentary obstruction, parliamentary party, Parliamentary Private Secretary, parliamentary privileges, parliamentary procedure, Parliamentary speaker, parliamentary system, parliamentary timetable, parochial viewpoint, part-time employment, part-time job, partake, partial, partiality, participant, participate, participating delegation, participatory democracy, particular, particularism, parties to the treaty, partisan, partisan attacks, partisanship, partition, partitionist, partly, partner, partnership, party, party affiliation, party in power, party law, party line, party liner, party list system, party politics, party stalwarts, party to a suit, pass, pass a bill, pass a law, pass a resolution, pass a sentence, pass an insult, pass an opinion, pass away, pass in review, pass judgment, pass over(something in silence), pass the buck, pass the scene, pass(something)by, passage, passenger plane, passive, passive obedience, passive resistance, passivism, passivist, past decades, Pat on the back, patch up, patch up a law, Patch up differences, patch up differences, patent right, path, patience, patriarchal/patriarchy, patriot, patrioteer, patriotic, patriotic feelings, patriotism, patrol, patrol units, patronage, pattern, pattern of interest, pause, pave, pave the way (for), pavilion, pawn, Pax, Pax Romana, Pax Sovietica, pay, pay a visit, pay attention to, pay back, pay for, pay homage to, pay lip service to, pay no heed to a warning, pay off, pay one’s respect to somebody, pay through the nose, pay tribute, pay tribute to, payment, payoff, payroll tax, peace, peace and good will, peace and plenty, peace and quiet, Peace Corps, peace corps, peace emblem, peace keeping forcex, peace mediation, peace negotiations, peace Nobelist, peace offensive, peace overture, peace pact, peace plan, peace process, peace rally, peace settlement, peace symbol, peace talks, peace talks have been broken off, peace treaty, peace treatyx, peace with honor, peace-monger


quadruple, Quadruple agreement, Quaid’Orsay, quake, qualification, qualified, qualified person, qualify, qualify as a voter, quality, quango, quantitative analysis, quantity, quarantine, quarantine a belligerent country, quarrel, quarter final, quash, quasi-, quasi-autonomous, non-governmental organization., quasi-military status, quasi-official statement, quasi-public institution, queen, queen consort, queen dowager, queen mother, queen regent, queen regnant, queendom, quell, quell insurgency, quell uprising, quench, question, question of personal privilege, question time, questionable, questioning, questionnaire, quid pro puo, quisling, quit, quit hold of, quorum, quota, quota system, quotation, quote, quote a price


rabble, rabble-rouser, rabble-rousing, rabble-rousing speech, rabblement, rabid conservative, rabid socialist, race, race a bill through, race hatred, race riots, racial, racial discrimination, racial equality, racial minorities, racial segregation, racial separation, racial traits, racialism, racism, racist, radical, radical arms reduction, radical changes, Radical differences, radical elements, radical left, radical reforms, radical revolutionary, radical right, Radical Socialists, radicals of the left (wing), radicals of the right (wing), Radio liberty, raid, rail strike, railroad a bill through, raise, raise a blockade, raise a dust, raise a point, raise a proposals, raise a question, raise a siege, raise an army, raise an issue, Raise commotion, raise eyebrows, raise hue and cry, raise objection, raise the curtain on…, raise the standard of revolt, raise the temperature, raise/bring up a subject, raison d’etat, ralliers, rally, rally round (the flag), rally round the flag, rally to the support of, rampage, rampaging attacks, rampant corruption, rank, rank and file, rank and filers, ranking, ranking diplomat, ransack, ransom, rapacious, rape, rapid, Rapid Deployment Forces, rapid deployment forces, rapid fire questions, rapprochement, rare reputation, rate, rate of exchange, ratepayer, ratification, ratifications, ratify, rational, rationing, ravage, ravages of war, raze, raze to the ground, re, reach, reach a deadlock, reach a settlement, reach at the top of the ladder/tree, reach one’s objectives, reach the end of the lines, reach the record level, reaction, reactionary, reactionary leaders, reactionary regime, read between the lines, read the riot act, reading, readings of a bill, real estate, real estate tax, realign, realignment, realism, realm of state, realpolitik, reapportion, reapportionment, rear-admiral, reason, reasons of state, rebel, rebeldom, rebellion, rebellious, rebuke, recall, recall a judgment, recall an ambassador, recall election, recallment, recapture, recede, receive, receive a bad press, receive a good press, receive red-carpet treatment, recently, reception, recess, recession, recipient of public relief, reciprocal, reciprocal privileges, reciprocal trade, reciprocate, reciprocity, recognition, recognize, recognize a new government, recommend, recommendation, recommendation/ testimonial letter, recommittal, reconcile, Reconcile differences, reconcile differences of opinion, reconciliation, reconciliatory policy, reconnaissance flight, reconnaissance plane, reconnaissance satellite, reconnoiter, reconsider, reconsideration, reconstruction, Reconstruction Crusade, reconvene, record, record of service, recorder, recording officer, recoup, recover morale, recriminate, recruit, recruit mercenaries, recruiting grounds, rectify, recurrent attacks, red, Red Army, red battle, Red Crescent, Red Cross, red flag, Red Guard, red light, Red Terror, red-carpet, red-carpet reception, red-carpet welcome, red-hot rumors, red-ink budget, red-tapism, redeem, redeem one’s promise, redress the balance, redress the imbalance, reduce, reduce taxation, reduce to silence, reduce to the ranks


S.O.S. plea, sabotage, sabotage the peace process, saboteur, sack, sacrifice, sacrilege, saddle, in the, safe seat, safe state, safe statesman, safe-conduct, safeguard, safety, safety measures, safety precautions/measures, safety regulations, safety valve, sag, sailing of arms, salaried class, salient points in a speech, SALT negotiations, salute, Salute the colors, salute the flag, samizdat, sanction, sanctioned laws, sanctity, sanctuary, sanitary corps, sanitary regulations, sap, sat, Satellism, satellite, satellite party, satellite states, satellites of USSR, satellitic, satellization, satrap, saturation point, satyagraha, satyagrahi, savage attack, save, save one’s face, save the situation, say the word, scab, scale, scale down, scale down the violence, scale down wages, scale up, scandal, scandal mongering, scandal sheet, scandalmonger, scandalous, scapegoat, scare, scare tactics, scaremonger, scaremongering, scathe, scenario, scene, schedule, scheme, schemer, scheming, school, scientific researches, scoff, scope, scorched earth policy, scorching criticism, score, score a triumph, score a victory, score an advantage, Scotland Yard, scourge of war, scout, scout the enemy, scouting boat, scramble for office, scrap a pact, scrap a project, scrap missile, scratch, Scratch somebody’s back, screen, screw information out of somebody, screw taxes, scrutiny, scuffle, scuttle, sea, sea engagement, sea forts, sea of troubles, sea route, seal, seal off, search warrant, seasoned diplomat, seasoned political observers, seasoned politician, seasoned soldier, seat, seat of governmentx, secede, secession, secessionism, secessionist, second, second a motion, second ballot, second estate, second reading of a bill, second term of presidency, second world, Second World/War/World War II, second-driver leaders of the party, second-in-command, second-strike, second-strike capability, seconder, secondhand news, secret, secret ballot, secret police, secret service, secret session, secret society, secret-undercover agent, secretariat, secretariat(e), secretary, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of State, Secretary of state designate, Secretary of State for Defense, Secretary of State for Education and Science, Secretary of State for Employment, Secretary of State for Energy, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Secretary of State for Scotland, Secretary of State for Social Services, Secretary of State for the Environment, Secretary of State for the Home Office, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Secretary of State for Transport, Secretary of State for Wales, Secretary of the Senate, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of the Treasury or Treasury Secretary, Secretary of Transportation, Secretary-General, sect, sectarian, sectarian clashes, Sectarian differences, sectarian politics, sectarian violence, sectarianism, section, secular state, secure, security, security agents, security analyst, security blanket, security clearance, Security Council, security council, security forces, security measures, Security of Defense, security of tenure, security police, security precautions, security risk, security service, security zone, sedition, seditious, seditious speech


table, table a bill, table a motion, table a proposal, table of organization, table talks, tacit approval, tack, tackle a task, tact, tactful, tactful reply, tactical, tactical dispersal, tactical voting, tactics, take, take a back seat, take a ballot, take a census, take a dim view, take a firm line, take a gamble on something, take a long view, take a step forward, take a strong line, take a turn for the better, take a turn for the worse, take a vacation, take a vote on…, take a/somebody’s point, take advantage of, take against someone, take an opinion, take by storm, take captive, take charge of, take counsel, take for granted, Take into consideration, take issue with somebody, take judicial case against somebody, take legal action against somebody, take legal advice, take measures, take minutes, take necessary actions, take note of…, take off, take off one’s hat to, take off the gloves, take offensive, take office, take on, take on heavy responsibilities, take over, take over the reins of power, take part, take poll, take position, take pride in, take priority over…, take refuge in, take risks, take sanctuary, take sides(with), take somebody at his word, take somebody under one’s wing, take steps, take strike action, take the bull by the horn, take the chair, take the floor, take the hatchet, take the initiative, take the law into one’s own hands, take the lead, take the oath, take the reins, take the responsibility of, take the risk of, take the trouble, take time by the forelock, take to task, take toll, take up arms, take upon oneself, take(advantage of)an opportunity, take-home pay, takeover, talk, talk a bill to death, talk big, talk down, talk out, talk over, talk politics, talk show, talk somebody into doing something, talk somebody out of doing something, talk tall, talk the same language, talk turkey, talk-in, tally, tally clerk, tamper, tamper with a document, tanker plane, tanker war / war of tankers, tap, Tarde association, tarde convention, target, tariff, tariff barrier, tariff wall, task, task force, Tass, tax, tax concession, tax deductions, tax dodging/evasion, tax exemption, tax haven, tax loophole, tax rate, tax revenues, tax somebody with something, tax-exempt, tax-free, tax-paid, taxation, taxes in kind, taxpayer, taxpaying, tear, tear down, tear into, tear up a contract, technocracy, technocrat, televised interviewِ, tell, teller, teller vote, telling speech, tempestuous meeting, temporal leader, temporal magistrate, temporary employment, temporary job, temporize, Ten Minute Rule, tendentious report, tendentious statement, tender/ticklish situation, tenet, tenor of speech, tense, tense atmosphere, tensed up, tension, tentative plan, tenure, tenure of office, term, term of office, terminal leave, terminate, Terminate an agreement, termination, termination of a treaty, Termination of an agreement, terms of a truce, terms of reference, terms of trade, territorial, Territorial Army, territorial governor, territorial integrity, territorial rights, territorial sovereignty, territorial waters, territory, terror, terrorism, terrorist, terrorist network, terrorist squads, terrorize, terse speech, test roll, test the waters (before making a commitment), test-fire a missile, testify, testify by intimidation, testify in favor of someone, testimonial, testimonialize


U.S. flag vessel, ultimate, ultimate goal, ultimatum, ultra, ultra democratic, ultraconservative, ultraism, UN High Commission for Refugees, UN Higher Commissioner for Refugees, UN member nations, UN peacekeeping forces, UN tried to mediate in order to bring an end to the war between warring fictions in Afganistán.ملګروملتوهڅه وكړه چې د ښكېلوافغان خواووترمنځ دجګړې دپاى ته رسولو لپاره منځګړتوب وكړي., UN-sponsored peace plan, unaffiliated candidate, unalienable right, unalterable policy, Unanimous consent, unanimous resolution, unanimously, unauthorized, unbiased opinion, unbiased witnessبې پلوه شاهد،بې طرفه شاهد, uncalled-for criticism, uncalled-for remarks, uncertainty, unchallenged, Uncle Sam, Uncle Tom, uncollected taxes, uncompromising, unconditional, unconditional support, unconditional surrender, unconfirmed reports, unconstitutional, unconstrained freedom, uncontested election, unconventional armements, uncover a plot, undemocratic, under, under arms, under arrest, under coercion, Under consideration, under cover, under discussion, under fire, under government sanction, under oath, under one’s lash, under pessimism, under restraint, under sentence of death, under state control, under the act, under the auspices, under the ban of public opinion, under the banner of, under the barrage of criticism, under the charge of, under the circumstances, under the flag of…, under the lash of public opinion, under the law, under the laws and regulations, under the new rules, under the orders of, under the plea of, under the pretext of, under the protection of, under the seal, under the seal of secrecy, under the shadow of, under the siege of, under the supervision of, under the table, under the terms of the agreement, under the title of, under the veil of, under the yoke of slavery, under way, under-the-counter/table, under-the-counter/table payoff, underdeveloped, underdeveloped/undeveloped countries, underdog campaign, underground, underground activity, underground journals, underground paper, underground plot, underground press, underground publications, underground railroad, underhanded political activity, underline, undermine, undermine one’s morale, underminister, underpopulated, underrate casualties, underrepresent, underrepresentation, underscore, undersecretary, Undersecretary of Commerce, Undersecretary of Defense, Undersecretary of State, Undersecretary of State for European Affairs, undersign, understanding, undertake, undertaking, undesirable element, undocumented charge, undue influence, undue remarks, unemployment, unemployment benefit, unenforceable, unequivocally, unfold, unforeseen, Unfounded complaint, unfreedom, unfrock, ungovernable, unicameral, unicameral parliament, unidentified, unidentified gunmen, unification, unified position, uniform policy, unify, unilateral, unilateral ceasefire, unilateral declaration of independence, unilateral disarmament, unilateral repudiation of a treaty, unilateralism, UNIMA, union, union down, Union Flag, Union Jack, Union Party, union shop, unionist, unionize, unique position, unit rulex, unitary state, unite, United Arab Republic, United Democratic Front(UDF), United Nations, United Nations Charter, United Nations Children’s Fund or UN International, United Nations Day(Oct.24), United Nations Development Program, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), United Nations General Assembly, United Nations High Commission for Refugees, United Nations Organization (UN), United Nations Organization(UNO), United Nations Relief and Works Agency, United Nations Secretariat, United Nations Secretary-General, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Trusteeship Council, United Nation’s general Assembly, unity, unity among nations, Unity of command, unity of nations, universal, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Universal Postal Union, universal protest, universal rule, universal suffrage, universal time, unjust, unjustifiable, unjustifiable aggression, unknown soldier, unknown warrior, unload, unload ammunition, unmask, unmask a hypocrite, unmask a plot, unmask a traitorx, unofficial, unofficial news, unopposed


vacant seat, vacant succession, vacant\vacated position, vacate, vacation, vacuum, vacuum of power, vain, vain promises, valediction ceremony, valid, valid objection, validate, validity, valorization, valuable, value, Value Added Tax(VAT), value judgment, vandalism, vandalize, vanguard, vanish, vanity, vanquish, vantage, vantage ground/point, vantage point, variable factors, variety, vassal state, vast majority, vaticinate, Veep(slang), vehicle column, veil, veiled, veiwholder, venal, venal vote, venality, venomous attacks, venture, venue, Venue of a conference, venue of a meeting, verbal attack, verbal message, verbal promise, verbatim, verbatim record, verbatim report, verdict, verdict for staying the proceedings, verdict of acquittal, verdict of history, verdict of not guilty, verdict of the electors, verdict of the public, verge, verifiable, verification, verify, verify a statement, version, vest, vested interest, vet, veteran diplomat, veteran politician, veto, veto a bil, veto power, power of veto, vexed question, vice, vice squad, vice-chairman, vice-chancellor, vice-consul, vice-premier, vice-president, Vice-President elect, vice-regent, vicegerent, viceroy, vicinity, vicious, vicious circle, viciouscriticism, vicissitude, victim, victimize, victor, victor and vanquished, victorious, victory, vie, vie for office, view, view favorably, viewpoint, vigilance, vigor, vigorus campaign, vindicate, vindication of rights, violate, violate a country’s airspace, violate a flag, violate the law, violation, violation of a treaty, violation of cease-fire, violation of international regulations, violator, violence, violent attack, violent demonstrations, violent objection, violent speech, virement, virtue, vis-à-vis, visa, visa requirements, visage, visible move, vision, visit, visitation, visiting delegates, visiting delegation, vital, vital decision, vital interests, vital question, viva, vivid evidence, vizier, voice, Voice complaint, voice complaint, voice concern, voice criticism, voice disgustكركه څرګندول-ښكارول voice of conscience, voice support for, voice vote, volume of business, voluntary service, vortex of politics, vortex of war, vote by ballot, vote by division, vote by proxy, vote down, vote down a proposal, vote for, vote for a proposal, vote in, vote in favor (of), vote into, vote of censure, vote of confidence, vote of no confidence, vote on/onto, vote out, vote rigging, vote somebody into office, vote the straight ticket, vote through, vote viva voce, vote with one’s feet, vote-getter, voter, voting, voting booth, voting card/paper, voting paper, voting provisions, voting qualifications, voting rights, voting tax, voyage, vulnerable


wafer-thin majority, wage, wage campaign, wage ceiling, wage drift, wage earner, wage freeze, wage hike/increase, wage war (on), wage war/conflict, wait, wait and see attitude, waiting list, waive, wake, wake the people up, waken, walk, walk a tightrope, walk away from, walk away with, walk out, walk over, walk the fence, walk-in, walkaway, walkout, walkover, wall of shame, walls, wandering tribes, wane, waning reputation, war, war broke out, war chest, war cloud, war contributions, war crimes, war criminal, war criminals, war cry, war indemnity, war instruments, war machine, war memorial, war mongering regime, war of aggression, war of attrition, war of liberation, war of nerves, war of words, war party, war powers, war powers act, war ravaged/stricken, war refugees, war risk, war spoils, war tax, war weapons, war zone, war-born allaine, war-ravaged town, war-torn, warcry, ward, ward heeler, warfare, warhawk, warhead, warlike, warlike move, warmonger, warmongering, warmongering policy, warn, warning, warning signal, warrant, warrant of arrest, warrant of attorney, warranty, warring fiction, warring ideologies, warring partiesx, warrior, wartime, wartime requirements, wash out, wasteful, wasting of time, watch, watch one’s step, watchdog, watchdog body, watchful, water, water down, Water-tight agreement, Watergate, waterloo, watershed, wave, wave of strikes, wave of violence, wave the flag, waver, way, ways and means, Ways and Means Committee, We have no concern of fear., We must strive for normalcy., weak will, weal, weapon, weaponry, Weapons of defense, weapons of defense, weapons of offense, weapons procurement, wear a mask, wear the crown, Weast(Weastern)bloc, weather a crisis, weather a storm, weather satellite, weave a plot, welcome, welcome someone’s proposal, weld, welfare, welfare fund, welfare organizations, Welfare State, well grounded argument, well- thought scheme, well-designed scheme, well-orchestrated campaign, weltpolitik, west, western, western oriented, westernism, westernization, Westminster, wheeling and dealing, When did Gorge W Bush come in?, when issues arise, when it comes to the crunch, Whig, whip, whipping boy, whispering campaign, whistle – stop trip, whistle-stop, white, white flag(of truce), White House, White House Chief of Staff, white knight, white lie, white list, white paper, white primary, white supremacy, white-collar job, Whitehall, Whitehall mandarins, whitewash, Who is in charge here?, wholehearted support, wholehearted welcome, wide, wide differences of opinion, wide range of talks, wide-ranging discussion, wide-ranging reforms, widely circulated papers, wield authority, wield control, wield influence, wield power, wildcat strikeن, will, will of the people, willful murder, win, Win a case by default, win a reputation, win a seat, win a victory, win back, win by a landslide, win by a neck/nose, win in a walk, win out, win over, win the day, win the election


x ray, xenophile, xenophilia, xenophobia


yearly spending, yellow journalism, yes, yes vote, yes-man, yield, yield one’s consent, yield the palm to, yield up, yoke, yoke of exploitation, yonder, York rite, Your Majesty


zealot, zealous, zealous followers, zealous opponent, zero hour, zero option, zero tariff, Zion/Sion, Zionism, zone, zone off, zooming prices, zulu time


اروپا اوافريقا، اروپايي افريقايي Euro-American=Euramerican, اِمارت(دامير تر واك لاندې ټاټوبى،داميرمقام يا چوكۍ


بنديزلېرې كول،بنديزپورته كول،بايكاټ پاى ته رسول oil embargoدتېلوپرپېرلواوپلورلوبنديز place an embargo on something


تړون بې اغېزې دى Put into effectعملي كول،تطبيقول،،پلى كول،اجرا كول The curfew will soon be put into effect.ګرځبنديز به ژر تطبيق شي. Your proposal looks good on paper, but I’m not convince


دخپلې خبرې كوم ثبوت لرې؟ آconcrete evidenceواقعي دليل document evidenceمُستدلل دليل fabricated evidenceجعلي سند incontrovertible evidenceنه انكارېدونكى سند،نه انكارېدونكې نښه


منظمې هڅې peace effortsدسولې هلې ځلې،دسولې (دراوستلولپاره) هڅې put out effortهڅه كول،زيار ايستل،فعاليت ښودل The speech ended in an appeal to party workers to put out all their effort a


نه انكارېدونكى سند،نه انكارېدونكې نښه


پر يو شي بنديزلګول،بايكاټول

…is provided for in the budget

€Communist International bureau(1947-1956), €He acted as a conduit for much of hostagetakers and government communication during the hostage of Clementina Cantoni in Kabul@هغه په كابل كې د كليمينتينا كانتوني د برمته كېدو په ترڅ كې د حكومت او

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